E-Learning Summit


Globalisation has influenced digital transformation in all economic sectors. With focus on education, digitization of this sector has enabled a transition into the E-Learning age, where learning tools from as early as foundation phase are deeply entrenched in the use of computers and, in more fortunate schools, Tablets. We are in a digital age where the transition from chalk to device is on par. However, this has created a gap in the education system as schools in the rural Eastern Cape are getting left behind due to lack of ICT enabling infrastructure and materials, including effective training of teachers. This technological advancement in education has resulted in a lag between planning, delivery and execution in rural EC schools.

“Education and technology are forever changing. They are key elements in the country’s National Development Plan Vision 2030 for “Improving Education, Training and Innovation”

Imbizo Events invites your company to partner with us in the development of this great initiative and embark on a sustained journey towards improving the quality of teaching and learning outcomes of the Eastern Cape Province.


  •  To address how e-learning can be better implemented in rural Eastern Cape
  • How gamification of E-Learning tools can benefit learners/students (App Development) Collaboration and improvement of multi-stakeholder engagement between Education and ICT sectors in order to harness the power of the 4th Industrial Revolution to improve our education, business and social development spheres.To serve a
  • a platform for the dissemination of information pertaining to education and technology strides

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E-Learning Summit